Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sportin' A New Look

You may be noticing right about now that I have a new look to my blog. Since its inception, Big Daddy DoJo has been complaining that my blog was too dark and depressing. I'm pretty sure he meant the LOOK of the page and was in no way referring to all the exciting and uplifting CONTENT! Anyway, it is Spring Break and I have nothing to do while I wait on my soon-to-be-wed daughter to rouse herself out of bed before noon and go do wedding stuff with me. LOTS of down-time we're talking here...and it's too cold to work in the garden...so I'm giving my blog a new look. I like the citrus theme. To me, it says SASSY! Not that I'm sassy, oh no, I AM NOT! If you like my sassy new look, let me know. However, please word your comments so that DoJo does not get the impression that you agree with him or that you think he was right about the dark and depressing thing. We don't want him telling me "I told you so". If that happened, I can guarantee that you would witness sassy. Let's not go there.


  1. Since when do you listen to DoJo about style? He is all about collars & lace! It looks great!

  2. You are so SASSY!!!!!!!!!!!