Monday, March 16, 2009

Lucky Streak Ended Today :(

I've been teaching eight years now, and in all that time, I've never had a student throw up in my classroom. Alas, my lucky streak ended today. I have to say, I handled it like a real mom (good thing I am one!) Poor little Beauford told me first thing this morning that he wasn't feeling well. I tried to convince him that he should go home, but going home meant staying at Grandma's house all day, so he opted to remain at school. Imagine! Poor kid prefers my classroom to Grandma's house! That Grandma needs some lessons from me. Apparently she doesn't know about the joys of Pay-Per-View, Sprite, and jello.

Thankfully, Beauford had moved away from the two little Princesses he sits with to table by himself so that he could work on his math in peace. I can just imagine what kind of commotion it would have caused if he had blown chunks right in front of them! The room was fairly quiet when he announced, "I puked." I sent him to the men's room to get himself cleaned up, and proceeded to call for a janitor. The stupid janitors (men!) ignored the S.O.S. and I had to clean it up myself. I pulled out the latex gloves and Lysol and presto...everything was good as new just in time to go to lunch. Ugh. When I went to check on the little puker in the nurse's office, he assured me that he was feeling better (no doubt...I saw what he had for breakfast!) and wanted to stay at school. I assured him that it would be better to take his pukey little self home and come back tomorrow when he could guarantee that he wouldn't do a repeat performance.

The good thing was that I didn't get all grossed out and follow him in the wretching routine. The bad thing is, we were working on probability, and I think I could have made a descent object lesson out of what the odds of puking in class would be. Next time, I'll be more prepared.


  1. Gross. I probably could of added to the object lesson . . . "what happens when one person pukes and another person starts gagging?"

  2. That is just sick & wrong! That is not even funny!