Monday, March 30, 2009

Look Who's Cooking!

The soon-to-be-married KK is learning to cook. She has always been more interested in honing skills (i.e. soccer, school, work, web design, sleep) other than the domestic ones. Shame on me, I let her get away with it...'til now. She is currently taking the crash course on planning, shopping, and cooking. So far, so good...'til it came to Sunday dinner. We do a big, extended family dinner on the first Sunday of every month, and my assignment was green chile enchiladas, which I promptly turned over to KK. As you can see, she undertook the assignment with glee. Her only comment during the preparation phase, was "I don't think I'm cut out for this cooking thing." This was after the too-hot cooking oil popped onto the top of her bare foot. She'll get the hang of it. My advice for cooking with hot oil? Wear shoes.

The enchiladas turned out just fine. This just reminds me that there really is a lot to making a home. While it is more than just cooking and cleaning, cooking and cleaning are essential and can make the difference between real comfort and mere survival. The good news is if I can learn to cook, anyone can. KK will be just fine. Besides, if worst comes to worst, we all know that Reed likes Frosties! Post all your cooking advice or tips for Kaitlin here and I will be sure to pass them along. Recipes for two are also appropriate.


  1. I have some really great, EASY recipes I should send. Also if you are having a bridal shower you should ask each guest to bring a recipe on a recipe card for KK to start with. We did this at my bridal shower and I got some really great recipes!

  2. I told her that I would give her lessons...I am MARTHA STEWART! 7-2-11 nachos we perfect for Nolan & I when we 1st got married. They are fast and easy and so cheap. One added bonus is that they flatter your figure too! Can we say BIG BOOTY!!

  3. KK can come practice cooking next door at my house any day!