Thursday, March 26, 2009

DoJo's Hat

I had to stop by my bank yesterday to stop payment on the automatic withdrawl to Toyota Motor. (Yes, I sold that car, but the stupid dealership hasn't paid it off and Toyota still thinks it is mine! Long story, but the short version is that I'm about to go "open a can"...if you know what I mean...on Southwest Hyundai in Albuquerque.) Ok, so the car is an interesting story, but the really funny thing happened at the bank. DoJo went with me. If you know DoJo, you know that he wears a hat to work everyday. He does this to hide his bed-head, and then once the hat is on, he has to keep it there because he has bed-head-hat-hair. His hat is usually one with his company name and logo embroidered right on the front. It's his "sign".

When we entered the bank, DoJo stopped to ask for directions. A very nice lady told him where to go and then asked him to remove his hat while he was in the bank. Apparently they have a new policy about people wearing hoodies, hats, sunglasses, and anything else that would distort your true appearance. We actually read the new policy posted on the front doors of the bank as we entered. DoJo was miffed and very reluctant to remove his hat. Seriously, he doesn't look like a security risk, but you never know. He took the hat off, but grumbled about it during the entire bank visit. He kept coming up with "what if" scenarios...reasons people should be allowed to wear those particular items. "What if your eyes had been gouged out and you don't want people looking at your scars?" "What if you were bald and needed to keep your head warm?" And, what I believe to be his personal best, "What if I came in here wearing a big afro wig? Would they kick me out or ask me to take off my hair?" So, if you happen by the bank and run into a real big guy with an afro and those 70s style glasses with gradient lens, you will know it is just DoJo testing out the bank securtiy.


  1. You know that is exactly how I remember DoJo! Love the fro man!!

  2. Nate supports the "blad men-cold head" idea... I love your blog. We miss seeing you and DoJo!! Send me your email so I can invite you to our blog!