Monday, March 23, 2009

Pumpin' Iron

So, in case you have forgotten, I have this goal of getting fit. I've been walking home from work most days, and since January, have logged over 80 miles. Not bad, but I also decided that I would lift weights to increase my muscle mass. Really, I just want to get rid of those energizer arms. You know the kind...they just keep waving and waving...long after your hand has stopped. Yuk. I hate that.

I increased my weights today. With my weight routine, I increase weight gradually and change up the number of reps. This is supposed to keep the muscles guessing and helps you to avoid a plateau stage. Isn't it really funny that I'm worried about a plateau. I've lived in a plateau stage for two decades, and NOW I'm worried about it. Until now, I've only increased one pound per week, but since my weight set doesn't have 6 lbs, I had to go to 7.5 lbs. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but IT WAS! Today's exercise was a called a chest-fly, I think. Basically, you lay down on the weight bench holding the weights straight up from your chest, then you lower your arms out to the sides and back to the starting position. 40 times. Whew! I did it, but when the time came for me to get in the shower and wash my hair...guess what? Noodle arms. I had to bend over at the waist to wash my hair! No kidding, I COULD NOT LIFT MY ARMS! Putting on makeup was a whole new adventure too. I had to put my elbows on the bathroom counter in order to have enough strength to lift the mascara brush. This meant kneeling on the floor and propping a hand mirror against a bottle of hair gel just so I could see myself well enough to get a read on where to put the blush. Forget putting any of that hair gel in my hair...I couldn't press my palms together with enough force to spread it evenly through my tresses.

Ok, I told you before that this fitness thing has been hard. I don't want to discourage anyone from pursuing a healthy lifestyle, but looking this good is a sacrifice.

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  1. I am still laughing! You crack me up MoJo! What a great blog you have!