Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Signs of Spring

My son-in-law accuses me of being a bit too loquacious (look that one up Jeremy!) on my blog, so I decided a photo-essay was necessary. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You be the judge...

Painted toenails and flip-flops

Empty bird egg on the grass under the pine tree.

Pink blossom tree in the neighbor's yard.

Spring blossoms on the the bushes in the neighbor's yard. (Yes, I'm that creepy neighbor who roams around in your yard.)

Dandelions...dang it!

Actually, Nolan wears shorts year round, but I just liked this picture.

Dressed for winter, spring soccer.
Gotta love spring.


  1. I've been waiting patiently all morning long for such a great post! Well done Mojo. Now excuse me while I go find some allergy medicine.....gotta love spring!

  2. you are such a dork but those painted toes sure do look nice.

  3. My boss used to call me loquacious. I can't imagine why . . . do you know?

    By the way, you jazzing up your blog made me want to change mine. It was waaaaay to boring. I really like your new design. Tell DoJo to back down now! :)

  4. A P.S. I polished my toenails last night and wore sandals today in this lovely, chilly weather!

  5. It must be the week for painting toes! P-goat and I painted ours a lovely spring purple! I too wore flip flops even though the weather here was 48 and windy, I just couldn't help it!

  6. I thought I saw you sneaking through the neighbors might get the cops called on you. Or that bear that is over there might get you! ha ha!