Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More good reading!

DoJo read this book first and suggested I read it too. I was suspicious, thinking that it was his subtle way of telling me that I needed to improve in one way or another. Well, duh! Everyone knows my cooking leaves a lot to be desired, but this didn't look like a cookbook!

I'm glad I listened to DoJo. (Don't tell him I said this because he might start thinking that I will always take his advice. Let's not pop THAT bubble just yet!) This book has an appropriate message about WHO is really in control of our lives. In a style akin to It's A Wonderful Life, the main character in the book is down on his luck, out of a job, and saddled with family and financial responsibilities that seem insurmountable. (Who hasn't been there, done that at one time or another?) In an unsuccessful attempt to 'end it all' the guy is rendered unconscious and is magically transported to seven key moments in history. At these key moments he meets people from history who teach him the seven decisions that determine personal success. The historical figures range from King Solomon to Anne Frank. I was especially interested in the historical accuracy of the book and the way the author brings each historical figure to life. Just wait 'til you read the part with the Civil War colonel named Joshua Chamberlain! Brilliant!

Personally, I think the "Seven Decisions" are applicable and totally jive with what we are taught through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The author, Andy Andrews, just gives us a new slant on something we already know. I enjoyed the book and have found myself thinking about it long after the last chapter was finished. A quick read, but well worth the time. If I were a real book reviewer, I would give it 4 stars, maybe 5 for historical accuracy.

Here's something funny: After my last book post, my friend Mel sent me a link to another Mary Whipple who actually has a book review blog. I have no aspirations of being a "real" book reviewer, so if you want some really high-brow (yawn!) reviews on books I never intend to review for you, go visit the other Mary at I know I'm not the end-all be-all in book reviews, and it's not a competition, but I hope you'll come back for all the sage advice you get here at the World According to MoJo! That said, she does have a pretty cool profile picture.

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  1. Hi, Mary. I hope you will find some things on my site that do not make you yawn. :-) Like you, I was a teacher for many years, but my students were international students,and it was my interest in them that led me to review international fiction.

    I loved the photos of the grandchildren in the winter. We have some grandchildren the same age, and they just don't seem to feel the cold. Best regards, Mary