Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Excuses, anyone?

I'm a 6th grade teacher and I LOVE my job. I especially love those freaky little "tweeners" that I spend my days with. One of the really fun things about teaching is hearing all the excuses these kids come up with. I thought I'd heard them all...until yesterday! I just had to pass this one along. The conversation went something like this:
"Mrs. W, my mom can't come for Parent-Teacher conference on Friday because she said I got her sick."
Oh really, how did you get your mom sick? I bet she caught your cold.
"No, I had an asthma attack. Wait, maybe it was appendicitis. Yeah, that's it!"
So, your mom caught that from you?
"Uh huh, and she's really sick."
Hmmmm....(I was pretty proud of myself for keeping a straight face!)

Today I received a note from the mom. She didn't say whether she was suffering from asthma or appendicitis, but she is going to be too sick to come in for a conference. I bet she has asthma AND appendicitis.

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  1. Maybe she's allergic to cake! That is what one of Kristal's kids told her - and they believed it!