Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three Months Out

Today is Wesley's 3-month anniversary in the mission field. He is currently serving in Blaine, Washington, which is right on the Canadian border and the Pacific Ocean. If he looks a little "heavier" than the last photo I posted of him...he is! Wes has gained 20 lbs in the past three months. Now, this is not just a big deal for me. I can pack on 20 lbs in less time than that, but Wes worked at gaining weight before his mission and couldn't gain an ounce. Now, on a mission and walking everywhere he GAINS 20 lbs!
Wesley loves the scenery and often sends pics of what he sees. This is a trait he picked up from his mother. DoJo's not much into anything connected with nature, unless of course, you count that farm thing he has on Facebook. One of Wesley's first comments about Blaine was about the amazing sunsets. I have to agree. This one is amazing.
Lots of fog. That's Wes on the right. I have to admit that I teared-up a little when I saw this picture.
I guess he found this sign funny. I think he's funny. Like I've said before, you can send a boy on a mission, but it doesn't make them any less goofy!
My point, EXACTLY!
So that's what my baby is doing. I miss him, but I'm glad he's on a mission and loving what he's doing.

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  1. So nice to see him enjoying his mission. I agree, that middle picture is touching. You should enlarge it and frame it. Wouldn't that make a great Ensign photo?