Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Candy Man

Look at that face! Isn't he convincing? DoJo convinced us that our Family Home Evening last night should be a candy-making experience. Personally, I just wanted to see him wear this girly apron, so I consented...but only if we did it at Amanda's house! DoJo just wanted to pull some taffy. I figured it must've been some happy memory from his childhood, so why deny him?

First, is the mystery in the pan. When I saw this, I began to become very, VERY afraid. PULL something that is beyond scalding hot? Yeah, right.

After boiling and more boiling, the concoction looked like this when DoJo transferred it to a 9x13 pan. At this point, the stuff is so hot it would melt the makeup right off your face. Luckily, DoJo goes easy on the makeup. Since I need all the help I can get, I was careful not to look directly into the pan.

Nolan is always up for an adverture, so I decided that I couldn't let him think I was a sissy. Here you see us following DoJo's advice to "butter up" our hands. The batch you see on the table was the failed attempt at vinegar taffy. Secretly, we were all relieved that this one was a flop, but I KNOW that DoJo will insist on trying this one again.
Reed also did not want to appear like a sissy, so he jumped right in. Nolan and I took small amounts of the hot lava to work with. Manly Reed, took whatever we left behind.
HOT! Soooo hot!

And finally, Nolan snips our efforts into bite-size pieces. Everyone has a blister or two to show what fun DoJo's FHE idea was. In the mean time, while Nolan, Reed, and I pulled hot lava (taffy), Megan was in the kitchen whipping up some Oreo truffles.

Yum! Sorry I didn't get a picture of the truffles. They were really pretty and looked good enough to eat. And just so you know, Megan knows better than to lick her hands while cooking. This pose was just to irritate her germophobe mom. The reason I didn't get a pic of the finished products was this:

Time for grandma's sleepover. It was eight-thirty and time for bed for Kourt and Lexi. This was their first sleepover at grammies. They were very excited to get to sleep in Wesley's vacated bed. And by the way, if you really want an interesting conversation, just lay down beside Kourtney for 10 minutes. She talked me to sleep describing what she saw when she closed her eyes. It had something to do with treasure maps. I can't remember any other details because I was so sleepy. Truth be known, eight-thirty is MY bedtime, not theirs. Luckily, we all survived both the candy making and the sleepover.

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  1. Actually, vinegar taffy IS really good. When I was little girl we used to pull honey taffy. It was really good and a beautiful golden color! Your home evening gave me ideas! I just don't know if my family would be game enough, and I know I couldn't pull it all myself!