Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday KK!

Today is Kaitlin's 21st birthday. Kaitlin is our fiesty child, possibly because she is sandwiched in the family line-up between two ornery boys. As you can see, she started out as a little sweetie.
But as time passed, it became apparent that our little KK was a force to be reckoned with.
She still has this funky personality and we've all learned that KK is the master of the GIANT FIB. Her real talent is that she can fib with a straight face and unless you know her well, you will believe every word she says.
DoJo and I loved these soccer years. KK was a delight to watch on the field. Very aggressive and skilled. This is her famous "Go to Aztec" look. Kaitlin is also very easy going, but if she gets riled, this is the look that should make you turn tail and run. She's as tough as either of her brothers and could take either of them in a grudge match. Well, maybe not Jared, but only because he out-weighs her.
Until last New Year's Eve, this is pretty much the treatment that any boy got from Kaitlin. Well, maybe not DoJo. She is a Daddy's girl.
And then there was Reed! Lucky guy!
But don't be fooled by this pretty face. She's still a force to be reckoned with!

And we love everything about her! Happy Birthday KK!


  1. I almost cried! Because today she is no longer a girl, today she became a WOMAN!!!

    When do I get an entire post all about how awesome I am? Show some love MOJO!!

  2. Awww... that was so cute... I can't believe she is 21 and married :) wow... I can't believe we arent little anymore