Sunday, December 20, 2009

KK's quilt #2

You may remember that I made a quilt/bedspread for the newlyweds, KK and Reed, back in the summer. After my quilt class this fall, I decided that I would quilt something for each of my girl-children for Christmas. Actually, I planned wall hangings or table toppers, not bed quilts. (This one is about 36" square). Well, long story short, I started reading books instead and the quilts got put on hold. So instead of Christmas presents, I'm thinking birthdays, which luckily are spread throughout the year. This way, I can quilt a little, read a little. KK's was done except for the machine quilting and the binding, so I got busy this past week and finished it up. I was hand stitching the binding in place on the drive to the temple yesterday, so technically, it wasn't done in time for her birthday, but then, she was a few days late 21 years ago, so I figure she will understand.
Now, as for my girl-children (Amanda, Megan, Desi) who have yet to receive a lil' quilt from me, their quilts are already in the works...WAY past the planning stages. It's not that Kaitlin is my favorite, (You all know who that is...:)) it's just that I happened to finish her's first.
NOTE TO GIRL-CHILDREN: Think of Kaitlin as the guinnea pig, if that makes you feel any less picked on. And NO! Do not ask to see what I have planned for you. It is top secret until April 14th for Amanda, April 25th for Desi, and July 17th for Megan. I bet the suspense will drive you nuts! Seriously, you need to pick out a special place in the house for your wall hanging, and it better not be the laundry room or the bathroom! My feelings are easily hurt when my labors appear to be unappreciated.


  1. This looks really great! I hope your granddaughters (their mothers) realize what treasures these will be in years to come. I had one thing from my granny, but it was breakable and my kids broke it. So sad:( I have loved learning to piece and quilt. I also really enjoy your reading blog! I will be reading some of the books you suggested. I have already read some of them, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey I have really been wanting to take a class on how to quilt. Where did you take it and how much was it? Can I get the info from you? Thanks Tashina