Monday, August 3, 2009

I've Been BUSY! OKAY?!

My family has complained a little about my lack of blogging, but they should know how busy I am, what with babysitting, gardening, and taking care of the yard! In addition, I've had several time-consuming "projects" this summer. (1) I cleaned my bedroom, closets, drawers, the works! That took a full week and two trips to Goodwill. There is no picture of this, but take my word for it, the bedroom is clean. It would be nice if I could get DoJo to buy-in to the Say No to Clutter philosophy. (2) I painted and recovered the bench in my entryway. I wish I had a "before" pic so

you could appreciate how great this looks. It still needs pillows, but I'm waiting until after I paint the entryway. (3) I helped Megan make a quilt for Sweet Pea's bed. WHY she hasn't shared that on her blog is way beyond me. (4) I helped KK get started on a quilt for her bed. The teal and brown fabrics came out of my 5-year supply of fabrics. She bought the print. This project was supposed to be her contribution to her new household since her handyman husband built a bookcase, but I was anxious to try out my new sewing machine, so I finished her quilt. Don't tell Reed. If he suspects that she has no domestic skills, he might try to return her. And (5), I finished a quilt for my bed. I started it about 5 years ago just by making the Churn Dash blocks from some green fabric I bought at WalMart. Long story short, I put the blocks away and never got back to them. I decided that this was a project that needed to be finished, so I went to work. Actually, I didn't love the green blocks as much as I did 5 years ago, but once I started sewing them together, I loved them again. I'm lucky enough to have a friend with a long arm quilter, so she let me use her machine and I had this monster quilted in about 3 hours! It took me two more days to bind it, but it is finished. Now I know why those quilts you see at the county fair are so expensive. I have about 100 hours into this thing and over $100 in materials.

Amanda took a picture of me holding up the quilt, but I couldn't use it on my blog because my face is so fat that you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off it long enough to be amazed by all my hard work.

Now for the fun part: Help me name this quilt. According to my friend who is the current president of the local quilter's guild, every quilt MUST have a label with the quilt name, the quilter, and the year. (I'm going to make this on my new sewing machine.) As you can see, I'm not all that creative. I mean really...I couldn't even think of another color to work with here! The entire quilt is green. So help me name my quilt and the winner will get a special prize. I will put all the entries in a hat and draw out the winner on August 8th. If you are the winner, I will contact you, get your snail mail address, and mail a special prize to you. (Megan Stewart does not qualify for this giveaway because she thinks the special prize is lame.) To everyone else...GOOD LUCK! I will post the winning label once I figure out how to make my new sewing machine make letters and numbers.


  1. I'm so proud of all you have accomplished this summer. As for me Just a few projects are done and the summer is gone. Oh well on to another year and more projects to do. Shauna

  2. This quilt is BEAUTIFUL. I have 3 names you can pick the one you like the best and put in the hat. Jolly Green Giant, Garden of Eden, or Garden Maze. I don't know they are all pretty silly but it's the best I could come up with.

  3. Grandma's Hugs

    Tara Heslop

  4. How about you just call me "green with envy" because that quilt is so gorgeous!!!!!! As for the quilt, I got nothing' about "love's serenity" or just "serenity" I don’t know! I just wanted you to know how awesome that quilt is!!!!!

    Shay Brusin

  5. What about "Teal for Two"?

    How are the Whipples? I keep up with your girls through their blogs, and guess I can keep up with you an Dwayne now, too!

    --The Eyrings

  6. oh dear i've never helped name a quilt before... how about irish eyes are seeing green.... or maybe psychedillic green shape things... oh this is really really bad... not your quilt - its lovely - just my ability to come up with names...... ok here goes....."cup of TEAl" or serenity. ok, i'm a lousy quilt namer, i admit it. i better quit while i'm behind....

  7. I don't have any good names for the teal one...I liked the one by Sean and Janet "Teal for Two" though...there's a lot of good names up there! I was wondering about Olivia's quilt. Did you ladies name it? I was betting with myself that if it had a name it would be....."Sweet Pea" Great work! I don't think I'm patient enough to do anything nearly as crafty as your quilts!