Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

When my children were children, I made most of their clothing. I love to sew, but in those days, fabric and patterns were much cheaper (HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE COST OF A PATTERN LATELY? $13 AND CHANGE FOR TISSUE PAPER?!) and I sewed out of neccessity because we were sorta poor. Nowadays, I sew because I can. It is a joy for me to cut up fabric, sew it back together, and create something unique. My talent-pool is a shallow one, but I can sew and I love having little girls to sew for. (I will say that doing a set-in sleeve on a size two dress was just as tedious as I remembered!) Sew, sew, soooooo, Grammie got busy and made some summer dresses for the girls.


  1. Great job Mary. The dresses are so very cute. You're a great grandma!

  2. I saw these little dresses when I was down there and thought they were so cute. Amanda told me that you had sewn them and I was impressed. They are so cute!