Monday, June 7, 2010

I've been busy, okay?!

How embarrassing! I just looked at my blog and saw that my last post was in April. Sorry to all my readers (all three of you!), but I've been sorta busy. When I start sewing, it is hard for me to do anything else. Yes, I sorta get obsessed. I know, it IS hard to imagine me being obsessed. Most people just think I'm possessed. Really, they are almost the same thing, just a few letters difference. But honestly, I have been busy.
First, I finished Amanda's mini-quilt for her April 14th birthday.
Then, I finished Desi's mini-quilt for her April 25th birthday. I asked Desi to pick out her own colors and block patterns. I wanted to surprise her, but when I asked Jared about her favorite colors, I realized that he didn't know what he was talking about. Some things never change!
And last but not least, Megan's mini-quilt received its finishing touches. Her birthday isn't until July 17th, but she has already seen the quilt. Once Megan got wind of the mini-quilt project, she put in her special order. She wanted a long rectangle to go over the headboard of her bed.

Besides these little treasures, I've finished a full-size quilt and a baby quilt. In addition to sewing a lot, I also have this incredible family I enjoy spending time with. Here you see my three oldest children. This picture was taken in early April, just a week or so before Megan (far left) delivered our precious little Clara Jane Stewart on Desi's birthday, April 25th. Amanda is due in early July. She is having another girl, bringing the granddaughter count to 5 and the grandson count stays at 4, for now. As for Jared, well, we are not sure what he is "due-ing" in this pic! Just being Jared, I guess. Gotta love him!

Here's big sister, Olivia, holding her new baby sister Clara.

And a little more recent pic of the little darling. She was full-term and weighed 5 lbs. 13 oz. She is just a Little Bit! I could hold her and rock her and gaze into that sweet angle face all day.

Grandchildren are the Lord's way of rewarding you for not killing your children. I've been especially blessed.

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