Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mr. Good Idea

This is my son-in-law, Reed, otherwise known as Mr. Good Idea. (Yeah, he's the one who thought putting an engagement ring in a Frosty was a good idea.) Reed's family gave him the nickname. It's well-earned. His wheels are constantly turning.

This is Jared. Jared has lots of ideas, but I'm not sure they are all good ideas. His idea was to use my new garden cart as a carnival ride for the grandchildren. For a "big" boy, Jared can run pretty fast!

This is Rudy. He thinks he is one of the grandkids. He is one year old, which makes him seven in dog years. He acts like a seven-year-old boy. He's our only granddog, so we love him a lot.

Reed noticed that Jared was tired from running around the yard with the garden cart. That's when he came up with the good idea to hook Rudy up and have him do all the running.
Rudy loved it. The kiddos loved it. Everyone was happy.

Rudy runs faster than Jared...

...and he will lay on the grass with all the cousins.
*No animals or children were injured as a result of Reed's good idea. Whew!


  1. I followed a link over from Kaitlin's blog. The pictures are too cute! Looks like all the grandkids had lotsa fun w/ the granddog! : )

  2. That is so funny! Looks like they had a lot of fun.