Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Sampler

It's the 1st Saturday of the month and that means Saturday Sampler at the local quilt shop. Saturday Sampler is the day the I pick up my new block of the month. It is fun! Megan has gone with me the last two months. The quilt shop is like Fabric Wonderland, which Megan deemed as heavenly, so she invited herself to come along with me today.

This is my March block. I've never done Flying Geese (the middle-side blocks with little triangles) before, so this was a learning experience for me. Let's just say, I have a seam ripper and I'm not afraid to use it!

I love Saturday Sampler days because of the feeling there. I see all kinds of people there, acquaintences and people I haven't yet met, and EVERYONE is smiling. Today I was befriended by a lady who promptly took me by the hand and introduced me to her "quilting lady" (a.k.a. lucky gal with a long-arm quilting machine.) Saturday Sampler begins with a little pep talk about the new block and a show-n-tell of new fabrics, books, and sewing toys. They also announce any upcoming classes or events happening in the store. Last month, when the store's 7th anniversary celebration was announced with a special price on fabrics, everyone clapped! Megan laughed. Today, when the upcoming scissor sharpening day was announced, there was a collective "ooooh!" from the quilters and Megan laughed some more. After announcements, the quilters show-n-tell their projects. The ooohs and aaahs continue. It is great fun to see all the neat things people do with fabric and to chit chat with like-minded folks. This is a fun hobby. Even if you don't sew, you've got to experience Saturday Sampler just once.

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  1. Your block is wonderful! We don't have any close fabric stores that do that. My daughter in law's mother has been doing one of those for several years! I will have new projects to post as soon as I get time. We just arrived home from St. Louis, where our granddaughter was sealed to her new family, tears from me, a really great time!