Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where Does My Time Go?

I've been a little busy lately, and just realized that I've not posted anything since the middle of May. I know my peeps must be starved for info, so here's a run-down of what my life has been like since the middle of May:
On the same weekend as Kaitlin's bridal shower (May 2nd),
Wesley went to his senior prom with a friend from St. George, Utah. How he convinced this girl (and her mother!) to drive 7 hours to go out with him is beyond me. Nonetheless, he did. The young lady is Chelsea, daughter of Connie & Dexter Irvin, who once were Kirtland residents. Wes and Chelsea were kindergarden sweethearts, so this was a fitting end to their high school years.
The excitement continued...on May 15th & 16th, Wesley participated at the state track meet. He had injured his shoulder the previous weekend (May 8th & 9th) at the district meet, so we were not sure if he would be able to throw the javelin. After a week of rehab, we woke up to a blustery, cold Saturday morning in Albuquerque...miserable weather for throwing. In previous years, Wes took 5th place as a sophomore and 3rd place as a junior, so he had his sights set on 1st. Had it not been for the injury, he most likely could have taken it. As it turned out, he took second place. DoJo and I were just happy that he could end his high school track career with a good finish.
My 49th birthday was on Monday, May 18th (When did I get so old?), but that wasn't nearly as momentous as was Wesley's high school graduation on the 23rd! I didn't cry, but I felt like it. It seems like just yesterday that Wesley was the sweet little boy you see here with his best bud, Kyle.
And now look at him, a high school graduate with his Grandma Owens on the left and Grandma Whipple on the right.
Wes is just slightly spoiled, but it isn't ALL my fault. He has his "other mothers" to take up where I leave off. Here's the evidence of their adoration:

Perhaps the adoration thing is not quite universal?!

THEN, last weekend, we made the trek to Monticello, Utah for Kaitlin & Reed's wedding. Monticello is a two-hour drive from our house. The Monticello Temple is one of the church's smaller temples, but it is beautiful. Kaitlin and Reed had a beautiful morning for a wedding. Here is how they looked greeting each other on the morning of their wedding day:
And this is how they looked coming out of the temple:

How cute is this couple?! I did not cry until the photo montage of these two kids growing up was shown at the luncheon after the ceremony. Thank goodness it was dark! I'm not, I'm really happy that she made such a good choice. I'm just a little taken aback that she is grown and married.
As for adoration, depends on the day.
If you are wondering where Jared was in all this, well, he saves his appearances for only the best photos. Yes, he's getting an electric razor for Father's Day!

NOW, we are in the countdown week for the wedding reception. Just to make things interesting, Wesley had his wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. Yes, the wisdom teeth came out in preparation for a mission. Wesley has had his mission papers filled out for weeks, met with the bishop, met with the stake president, and now the teeth. I admit, I've cried a few times. But it is really random what sets me off. The cereal aisle at Walmart, watching him bless the sacrament, watching him eat jello. It's bizarre. Most people think I'm just having some sort of mid-life crisis. No, it's just having both my babies leave home practically simultaneously. The double-whammy for the empty-nest syndrome. DoJo assures me this is all part of the BIG PLAN.

I stayed by his side yesterday, armed with pain killers, ice bags, and jello. My reputation as a nurse isn't a good one, but I enjoyed spending the day with my boy. We watched Marley & Me and Bedtime Stories. (Hooray for Pay-Per-View!) Beware! Marley & Me is emotionally manipulative. I cried, and I don't even like dogs! In the middle of the afternoon, DoJo called to tell me that I had gotten my wish: the MTC is now using curbside dropoff for entering missionaries. I had previously mentioned that I didn't know if I could "handle" the MTC departure experience with Wesley and hoped that he would go foreign and straight to an MTC in a foreign country. This announcement was an answer to my prayers. In addition to telling me about curbside dropoff, DoJo called to let me know that the stake president had submitted Wesley's mission papers. I didn't cry because I had just finished watching Marley & Me and had nothin' left.
So there it is. My life for the past month. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about it. More to come on transforming the cultural hall into reception wonderland. Just think, tulle, spraypaint, twinkly lights, and cupcakes and you've got the mental picture.


  1. I still can't believe KK is married and Wes is old enough to buy some ciggs & lottery tickets! Too bad he doesn't do either!

    Still waiting on an ENTIRE post dedicated to ME!!(aka The favorite)

  2. Coming right up! I think that post will have to be part of the cultural hall transformation, since you are the little genie who is in charge of that!

  3. Wow that is a busy month! KK looked beautiful and Wes has grown into a handsome young man. I am sorry that your nest became so empty all in one swoop, I think that may be the hardest of all! But you never know when they will be back, I don't think my parents counted on me moving back home! LOL I look forward to the future reception post!

  4. Happy Birthday Mojo - a little late wish! Wow, you are just 1 year shy of the Big you-know-what!Te he. (Means I am 2 years away - ugh!)

    My you have been busy. Nothing like getting rid of your remaining chitlins at once. I love the empty-nest syndrome. It was like the first 3 or so weeks it is almost like you don't have anything to talk about with the hubby, because it has all been so focused on kids. Then all of the sudden you realize what fun you can have. Your girls are still around the corner but now you have more time for you and Dojo.

    Thank goodness you have such a great stake president to take care of you and Dojo!! :) The whole MTC thing is a double edge sword. The Provo experience is a real gut buster, but just walking your kid to the security at the airport to send him to a foreign county is a killer too. We had felt like our hearts had been ripped out. Curbside in Provo sounds better. Its familiar surroundings for most people and maybe that will be helpful.

    Have a good coming week. KK looks gorgeous. So happy. It has to make you feel good!

  5. Sounds like it was a really busy month. I was so happy that I was able to go to the wedding. I can't wait to see pictures of the reception. I wish I could be there but it would be a really fast trip.