Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mission Update

As previously posted, the stake president (hereafter known only as SP) submitted Wesley's mission papers on Tuesday afternoon. For those of you who haven't had a missionary in awhile, filling out the papers and submitting them is all done electronically nowadays. A cool use of technology! Anywhooo, once submitted, the SP can actually "track" their progress. The SP was more than willing to keep the family in-the-know, so on Tuesday afternoon, the tracking message from Salt Lake said "In progress". By Wednesday, the message read "Ready for assignment". The missionary committee meets on Thursdays. Yesterday while the girls and I were working furiously at transforming a basketball court into reception wonderland, the SP called to say that the tracking message had changed to "Call letter sent." Yeah, I started to freak a little, but Meg was quick to the rescue. She grabbed my face, looked me square in the eye and said, "Mom, focus! We have reception wonderland to finish. You can freak out later." Then she handed me a bolt of tulle and a staple gun and told me to get busy. That Meg! If it weren't for her, I would probably be curled up in the corner of the church kitchen stuffing my face with chocolate cake donuts (yesterday was National Donut Day) while planning ways to hack into the church computer system. No really...I'll be okay. This is a good thing to freak out about. But here's the real rub...the call letter is sent snail-mail! Can't the missionary department just text me and let me know what's going on? I have to wait a week to find out whether my baby will have to take meds for tape worms? All this technology, and we are pinning our future on a 44-cent stamp?! What about Skype or Twitter? Anything but USPS! Ooops, I'm startin' to freak again...sorry.
If you would like to weigh in on the
Where Will Wesley Serve "lottery", let me know and I will put your pin on the map. DoJo is planning a winner's prize, but I say the winner gets bragging rights. Who doesn't just love to say "I KNEW IT!" or "I TOLD YOU SO!"?


  1. My guess, of course, would be the Scotland Edinburgh mission. No tape worms that I know of!

  2. I'll say that Wes gets called to the Chile Santiago North mission. Let me know if I win.