Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Here!

Wesley's mission call came yesterday. (Good ol' USPS didn't let us down!) Mark Farnsworth nailed the mission lottery. His guess was Washington, and yes, Wes is going the the Washington Everett mission. Wesley was my slave labor yesterday, so he was the one to check the mail. And what did he do when he found his call in the mail box? Run in the house and tell his mother? NO! He called his big sister, Amanda. It's okay...I'm way past feeling like I need to be the first to know. (Actually, being married to DoJo pretty much guarantees that I will be the LAST to know anything!) We made Wes wait until most of his siblings and friends could be present for the opening. I thought I took a picture of the event, but in all the excitement, I became technologically challenged. Thanks to Amanda for the video and the pics. Wesley enters the MTC on September 16th. Looking forward to that curbside dropoff. Here are a few more pics of the moment.

Wes and buddies, from left to right: Preston, Kyle, Todd, Wes, Derek, and Ryder.

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