Friday, June 5, 2009

Irrigation Day

What do kids love most? Those expensive toys we spend months looking for? NO! They love dirt, water, and fire...not necessarily in that order. I'm happy to the provide dirt and water for my grandkids. Luckily most of them live just around the corner, so when the kiddos really enjoy Grandma's yard a little too much, they can just go home and change clothes. (Desi knows to pack an extra set of duds when they come to Kirtland.) Yesterday was irrigation day, and the grandkids have radar for water, so here's the results:

Liv demonstrates the fine art of drinking from the irrigation pipe. No's well water.

Bottoms up!

Kourtney, of course, drinks with flare. This is the red-neck version of extending your pinkie when sipping a cup of cocoa.

THEN, the adults had an idea! Baby pool. Nolan stopped at Walmart on his way home (bless his heart...Walmart at 5 there's a REAL MAN for you!)

Everyone is enjoying the water...


Drew & Liv are a little confused about diving.

"Wow! Would you look at that!"

It's all really fun until someone gets hosed. For Andrew, even the 44oz. Big Gulp was no comfort.
So much for irrigating the grandkids. They'll be back for more next week! I'm the luckiest Grandma in the world.

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  1. I remember the days when we would visit my grandparents and play in their irrigated yard. Those are some sweet memories that I will never forget! Glad you can share that with your grandkids!