Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Perfect Saturday

Alexis and Kourtney had a "sleepover" at my house Friday night. Grandpa DoJo promised them breakfast at a restaurant. This is one of DoJo's favorite things, breakfast at a restaurant. As for me, well, not so much, but I went along anyway.
Everyone is excited!

DoJo, Kourt, and Lex await their food.

Even Kourtney's nappy-haired baby, RaJessica, made the trip. Her appearance sometimes freaks other people out, so she did some time in DoJo's pocket.

THIS is a kid's meal? Whew! Glad I ordered off the adult menu!

Lexi is always ready to pose for the camera. After breakfast, we went to the local Alco store and bought sunvisors and sticky things. I had to do a drive by in the fabric department while we were there. While looking for straight pins, Lexi asked me if I would teach her to sew "when summer comes." Oh be still, my heart!

The goal with the visor is to pack a lot of sticky things on there, including your middle name. Kourtney is four and needed absolutely no help at all picking out all the letters for her first and middle name. Just look at that sweet face! And to think I get to live next door to this!

AND this!
Later in the afternoon, Jared, Desi, and the boys came out. Since the weather was cooperating, we decided to fly my giant dragon kite.

This is what we looked at for a good portion of the afternoon. It took awhile to get it aloft, but once up, everyone enjoyed a turn at holding the string. Since DoJo and I are way past the running stage of our lives, the job for getting the kite up in the air fell to Jared. If I were better with my camera, we would have video of Jared's antics, but second best, just imagine my big boy running around with a six foot dragon kite behind him only feet from the ground. It was funny.

Mason wants to go where Daddy goes. He sees Daddy running forward while looking backward and decides that must be what you're supposed to do.

Uncle Jared astounds and amazes his nieces with his kite-flying skills.

Lexi takes a turn at the helm, but seriously, the winds up high were so strong that the kiddos had a hard time holding on to the handle. Maybe the size of the kite had something to do with that too.

In spite of the fearful look on his face, Mason really is having a good time.
Grandpa DoJo babysits Brennen while the rest of us stare at the kite. Really, it was amazing. And the sky was sooooo blue!

Olivia is cut from the same cloth as DoJo. If she could've flown her Barbie kite from a recliner, she would have! Hanging out the window of the car is the next best thing.

When kite-flying and running around after Dad gets a little tedious, Mason retires to the sandbox while Jace, Kourtney, and Olivia have some fun on the trampoline.

Nolan takes his turn at the dragon.

After everyone had a turn with the kite, we all retired to the patio. Here you see Jared and Amanda discussing how many hundreds of dollars they should spend on my birthday present.
Megan listens intently, all the while thinking that Jared and Amanda are not planning on a sufficient amount of money. I hope they listen to Meg.
Jeremy ponders how he can sabbotage the whole discussion. Then again, I AM his favorite mother-in-law. In his opinion, NOTHING is too good for me!

Any Saturday spent with my kids and grandchildren is a perfect Saturday. Life is good!


  1. Sounds like a great day! We're hoping to have a perfect Friday/Saturday this week in MO, and TN with our oldest son and his family, and the sealing of England to her family in the St. Louis to follow.

  2. That kite looks like lots of fun! Sounds like a good day and to think you'll be adding few more of those grandkids!