Sunday, March 7, 2010

Empty Mailbox

Typically, this image wouldn't unsettle me, but it has been a whole month since I've heard from my missionary! Two weeks ago, while donating blood, one of Wesley's friends stopped by my gurney to say that she had just received a letter from Wes that very day. This was two weeks into the letter drought and I commented that I was glad she had heard from him and if she intended to write him back, she should tell him to write his mother. A reasonable request, or so I thought! The girl's mother, who had just given a pint of blood (so, perhaps she was a little light-headed) commented that although it was important for a missionary to write his mother, it was just as important to "stay connected" with his friends. Let's just say that had I not been laying there with a needle in my arm, that woman would've given more than just a pint that day! Whenever I whine about my empty mailbox, most people try to console me by saying that not hearing from him means he's busy doing the Lord's work. Well, I hope so, but I still have a hard time believing that he doesn't have a few minutes each week in which to drop his mother a line or two.
So, I've quit complaining. This week I sent Wesley the same photo you see posted here on my blog. It's my version of tough love.


  1. She would have given more than a pint eh? Love it!! When one of my sons was in South Africa on his, there were times we didn't get a letter for a couple of months. Kind of tough, hang in there.

  2. It's the mission President.I am not one for calling at all but these boys are required to write their moms every week.If it goes more then a week and I do not get a letter I am calling.His mission President made it very clear to us in a letter that they are REQUIRED to write home once a week.You are better then me...I think after all us mothers do for them that is the least they can do..and for that SWEET lady that gave you that GREAT advise...Are you kidding me!!!