Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Latest Addition!

KK and Reed made an announcement...they have a puppy! Me, not being a real pet lover, had to see the little guy in person before I could understand what all the excitement was about. I thought a dog was a dog was a dog...BUT, NOT SO! This dog is really cute. His name is Rudy and he is playful, making him a perfect fit for the entire family.

You know how some parents are anxious for their kids to do all the fun things other kids do? KK and Reed are no exception.

Don't worry, Rudy was not hurt in the filming of this video. I used to take the cushions off the lawn furniture to create a landing pad for the grandkids. Guess I'm going to have to do the same for Rudy. Furthermore, all good parents "clean up" after their children before they leave grandma's house. Usually I don't mind pitching in, but in this case, eeeeewuh!
My question is why would you watch something like this on purpose? I think I know the answer...they are wondering if it is time to potty-train. Oh, the adventures of parenting...


  1. awww... what kind of puppy is that?? the puppy really is cute :) i'm so glad that kk and reed are doing good :) ps this is sheleeha, it's not letting me post under my name for some reason

  2. So cute, is that a Weinermeiner or whatever the heck that is? Those dogs have such beautiful coloring. But, I too, would rather view from afar! Sooner or later I think my kids are going to force me to deal with some kind of pet, as if taking care of 2 kids weren't enough! LOL

  3. What a cute dog! This is the first time in my life that I can remember being without a cat or dog. Have to say I don't miss the poop! Seems like everyone over here has a dog to take on a walk. Maybe I would exercise if I had a pup whining at me to get out!

  4. Now if we could only get Drew to play with his new cousin instead of screaming like a girl everytime he hears a bark!