Sunday, August 16, 2009

And the winner is...

Ta Da! 4th place at the San Juan County Fair. Actually I didn't expect to win anything after I realized that they sort us out by age groups before they judge anything. Are you kidding me? At my age, I'm in the semi-old lady category and competing against women who stay home and quilt all day. I was hoping to be sorted not by age, but by experience. That would put me up against the twelve-year-olds and maybe I could've won one of those big rosette ribbons with all the pretty colors. Oh well, lesson learned. I'm thinking that next year, I will lie about my age, but instead of saying I'm younger, I will say I'm much, much, older. That way, I can compete against the really old ladies who have all but lost their eyesight. Just my luck, they probably teach braille quilting somewhere. I'm okay with fourth place. I saw some quilts at the fair with a little ribbon attached that said "I participated in the San Juan County Fair." Actually, it was never about the size of the prize, it was about finishing.

Thanks for the naming suggestions. I liked them all, but the winner is....Jolly Green Giant, submitted by Melissa Wells. Missy's "prize" is a potholder made from my one leftover quilt block. I'm throwing in a knitted dishrag just to make it extra special! This was fun for me, so now I'm trying to think of more give-away contests I can do.

This quilting thing was so fun that I've signed up for a quilting class that begins next month. I figure that I will have some extra time on my hands since I won't be attending football games, basketball games, and track meets every weekend. Perhaps my next give away contest will be naming another quilt, but according to my daughter, I'm going to have to take it up a notch on the prize. I'll do my best Martha Stewart!


  1. Congratulations! Your quilt is beautiful and deserving of a ribbon! Reminds me of eons ago when we used to enter our sewing in the fair. I should take up quilting - I need a hobby to keep me busy. Living in a place where you don't know a lot of people tends to get boring at times!

  2. Not a bad idea, Mel. Is fabric readily available, or do you want me to mail you something? Seriously, we could make an "Across The Pond" quilt. Maybe with your help, I could do better than 4th!

  3. Mary, I just stopped by to say that I saw your quilt at the fair and I got all excited because I knew who made it!!! I made Tim come all the way back just so I could show it to him!!! It was beautiful! I do have to say, My names were way lame because the greens looked different to me on your blog. When I saw it in person, I was like... Yeah "Jolly Green Giant" fits way way way better!!!!!! Congrats on the ribbon by the way!


  4. That is so exciting. I'd take 4th any day. Also I'm so excited that I won. I could always use a new potholder. Congratulations again!