Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cake Pops

On Saturday evening, the men were otherwise occupied with a church meeting, so the womenfolk gathered to do what they do best, cook and talk. This is what I enjoy most about having adult children...they will talk to me like I am a real human. This is opposed to having not-quite-adult-children (who shall remain nameless) who speak real slowly when I'm I'm a foreigner or mentally challenged. The nice thing about these two daughters is that they ask me real questions, listen to my answers, and often ask follow-up questions. Genius runs in the family! So their genius idea is to make these cake-pops while the men are away. I was all for it since it didn't involve messing up MY kitchen. Let's just say melted chocolate and sprinkles will give me an OCD episode. (OCD also runs in the family...just in the womenfolk.) The girls got their idea from Bakerella. When I saw Bakerella's blog, I knew immediately that our cake pops were NOT going to look like hers, but, oh well, I'm always up for a challenge...and like I said before, it wasn't in my kitchen. It was a lot of fun. I mostly just watched, since Lexi and Kourtney did all the hard parts.

This is the other part that runs in the family! We like to eat what we create. Truth? Not one of us could eat more than one of those little demons. Swear to you, they were so sweet that after one bite, I could feel a sugar coma coming on. One cake pop IS one bite, so after the first one (red velvet/cream cheese covered in white chocolate), I waited a proper amount of time (20-30 seconds) before trying the chocolate/chocolate/chocolate one. Swearing again here, but I really couldn't finish it. When I woke up (on the floor), the girls were standing over me with a veggie plate and chunks of grilled chicken breast telling me that I was going to be okay. Seriously sweet, but you may want to make some just for the sugar coma...LOTS of pretty colors....oooooh! Next time we get rid of the menfolk, I'm going to introduce these girls to the pleasures of crochet. It's less self-destructive! Thanks girls for including me in all the fun and not treating me like I'm "special"!


  1. You are special to me!!!

  2. You HAVE to say that, and EVERYONE knows you are not "anonymous" DoJo. How many cake pops can you eat before YOU pass out?

  3. This made me want to make more cake pops! I think I might eat them for breakfast?!