Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Today is my baby's birthday. He's 20. This is the first time he's been away from home for his birthday. It's probably more traumatic for me than for him. Wesley was actually born on Labor Day, so the nurses had some fun with that one. He's been a pleasure from Day 1 and was the perfect caboose for our little family. I'm really missing him right now, but he's happily serving a mission in Washington, so I'm happy when he's happy. When Wes was in highschool, he wanted some pretty expensive shoes. I can't remember if it was football or basketball season, but he wanted these custom Nikes that he could have personalized. I agreed to pay for the shoes if he would have them personalized with "Mama's Boy" instead of his jersey number. I thought that would get me out of buying the shoes, but Wesley was proud to put "Mama's Boy" on his shoes. So, Happy Birthday to my Mama's Boy!


  1. I'm sure he had a great day. That is so funny that he put that on his shoes.

  2. Hey you and my mother have something in common as well. She had me on Labor day and she got a few giggles and jokes out of that one.

  3. That is soo cute! We love and adore Elder Whipple! And just in case he's milking not having a birthday.....we had him (and his companion of course) over for dinner and had a cake for him too! Anything we can do for ya...we would love to do!