Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quilters Anonymous

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I've been wondering if there is some sort of intervention program for obsessive quilters. My "homework assignment" was to create four quilt blocks. This seems simple, but it really takes a lot of brainwork to figure out what to cut and how to sew it. We aren't using patterns, just drafting out the blocks and figuring out how to make them. For me, it has been great fun. However, I can't seem to stop. I wake up early every morning with plans for cutting material and sewing it back together. I don't watch TV; I sew. It is sorta creepy when you think about it. I think DoJo is planning an intervention. If my quilting rulers disappear or my rotary cutter goes missing, you will know that DoJo has stepped in. I don't see why he should complain. It's a harmless hobby. He has a hobby too. It's called Church.


  1. How did I not know that you have a blog? hmmm I also have one but I will need your email if you would like to read it. You can email me naomipatt@gmail.com I also created a blog for Chantz...it is slowly coming along.

  2. Love your quilt blocks. You are getting good! shauna

  3. Hi, I 'chatted' with Dewayne this morning on facebook, haven't seen him since we graduated from highschool. I love to quilt, your squares are awesome. I have a quilt shop, my business, which I have a blog for, if you would like to look. It is deidraslegacycreations.blogspot.com. Our family blog is stananddeidra.blogspot.com. I love quilting!